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Sunday, 15 April 2018

Rangasthalam Movie Review and Analysis

Ranagasthalam is a latest Telugu movie starring Ram Charan, Samantha, Aadi Pinisetti, Anasuya Bharadwaj, Jagapathi Babu, Prakash Raj etc. released on 30th March, 2018. It is written and directed by Sukumar, who is well known for a blend of emotions and intelligence in storytelling. The music is composed by Devi Sri Prasad, and all songs are blockbusters. Cinematography by Ratnavelu has been praised for its rustic 80s look.

Rangasthalam movie review and analysis

Chittibabu (Ram Charan) lives in a village called Rangasthalam. He has hearing problems and runs a motor pump to water agricultural fields for a living. His elder brother Kumar Babu (Aadi Pinisetti) is well educated and works in Dubai. The unanimous president (Jagapathi Babu) of the village since past 30 years exploits people in the name of schemes and loans. Rest of the story is about how Kumar Babu stands against the atrocities of President, and what Chittibabu does to protect his brother.

Story & Character Analysis:
The story is not a regular Telugu revenge drama. The introduction of every character sets their tone and nature, which is very difficult for traditional writers. The character of hero who hunts down a snake which bite him several days ago establishes entire premise of the film. Making a stubborn and hearing-impaired role of hero into a lovable character is a challenge of its own. Samantha character is well developed, and most of her characterization is expressed through dialogues. The romance between lead pair establishes Chittibabu character perfectly, and makes audience empathize with him later on. Kumar babu is the only character which understands the dynamics of village and takes every step very carefully. His love story may appear unnecessary at first but becomes a core component of the story. Extreme care has been taken in the portrayal of President as a snake which did bite 4 people and hiding in the fields. The name (Phaneendra Bhoopati), appearance, eyes and behaviour of President mimics that of a snake. With sluggishness, limited dialogues and no onscreen violence, President has been established as a feudal lord. Prakash Raj has limited scope, but his nature was expressed through the role of his mother during the climax. Rangammatha is just a padding to enhance the atrocities of President.

The movie is never about the nature of the characters, but it is more about their ideals. The behaviour of several characters may be odd during some scenes but has eventually been addressed through their back stories. The caste and social differences have not been addressed fully, but they play an integral part of the story. The story is heavily influenced by the communist parties which attracted poor people and fought against the class system. After several decades, this resulted in some castes dominating others and securing their position in the society. Prakash Raj character represents such parties who initially appeared like saints, but as we get to know them better, they are no different than the feudal lords they are fighting against. The story is set in late 70s and early 80s for the same reason. The beliefs of rural people are well portrayed. Many people, particularly those living in villages, are afraid of snakes and wild animals while the real monsters live within society. All these elements were expressed as an integral part of the story without explicitly conveying.

Ram Charan performed his role with ease, and his body language, expressions, dialogue delivery and dialect are in perfect sync.

Samantha proves herself as an actress in a deglamourized role. Her expressions and body language suits the role. Her acting in emotional scenes immerses audience into the movie. This is a refreshing character for not just Samantha, but to Telugu cinema itself. Such nativity is lost after 90s and nowadays every filmmaker is after modern eyecandy roles.

Aadi Pinisetti convinces in his role. Jagapathi Babu pulls off his role with just his expressions as he has limited scope for body language and dialogues. Prakash Raj is quite natural and perfectly fits in the role. Anasuya did justice to her role. Rest of the characters have performed well.

Technical Aspects:
Sukumar deserves a standing ovation for bringing his story to life with raw characterizations and rustic elements of screenplay. The Direction department did a fabulous job in elevating emotions. Extreme care has been taken in costumes, footwear, hairstyles, groceries etc to appeal to the 80s environment. The cultural elements are subliminal but add value to the feel of the movie. The Production values are praiseworthy. Devi Sri Prasad gives one of his career best albums and background music. The lyrics are too good for recent trend of Telugu cinema. Cinematography by Ratnavelu is excellent, and he maintains the mood of the film.

Stunts are realistic unlike routine Telugu movies and deserve appreciation. Art direction is outstanding. Editing is good. The songs are an integral part of the story, instead of being mere entertainment. The CGI fits perfectly well without appearing unrealistic. Overall, Rangasthalam breathes life into Telugu cinema with its honest approach.

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