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Friday, 27 April 2018

Titles and end credits in Telugu movies: What we didn’t learn from Hollywood?

The feature films start with titles and end with end credits. These are often neglected in many Telugu films and are sometimes considered waste of run time. The film reels spent on titles and credits are used sparingly after the completion of the movie to avoid budget limitations. This thing has resulted in boring title and credits designs which only work as a filler while audience enter theaters. The titles of the Telugu movies are designed carefully for the sake of posters, and the credits of popular actors are specially designed considering the demand. The rest of the credits are passable and are generally designed with little or no efforts.

Titles and end credits in Telugu cinema

Why several Hollywood filmmakers put efforts in title designs?
The titles set mood and tone of the movie. They can slowly prepare the audience for the genre of the film without resulting in any knee-jerk reaction. Several filmmakers hint audience in advance through titles to set expectations. There used to be popular artists working on title designs, who are considered as important as editors. The iconic gun barrel shot of James Bond series, the opening lines of Star Wars, spirographic imagery of Vertigo have revolutionized the way titles are used.

title designs over time in Telugu movies

Several filmmakers use photographs, paintings, cinematographic techniques, silhouettes, animations, image effects etc in order to create the tone of the film.

Titles in Tollywood movies

The color palette of titles is generally selected in harmony with that of the movie. For example, the bright reds evoke a strong emotional response, the blues give a chilling feel which works for both horror and romance, the greens are used for a sense of realism. The designs are prepared to express the theme in advance. So, audience are mentally prepared to watch the film even before the first frame appears on screen.

Titles and credits in Telugu movies:
In early days of Telugu cinema, the titles are designed as simple text with a melody track running in background. Later they used image effects in background during titles. It evolved simultaneously with Hollywood, but never taken too seriously. Some filmmakers experimented with title designs, but the limitations of budget and time restricted any scope to do so. After the arrival of digital movies, filmmakers have enough resources to experiment. But most of them are not willing to put efforts into title designs.

With the current trend of commercial cinema, Telugu Directors have ignored the importance of titles and continued with formulaic song and fight introductions to set tone of the film. Most of the current generation Telugu filmmakers don’t even know that titles can be used as a story telling device. They just hand it over to Editor and focus on post-production. This has led to boring titles which doesn’t add any value to the movie except giving credits.

There are some filmmakers who use the titles to its full extent. Apart from other Directors, Jandhyala and EVV Satyanarayana used to set the comic tone to titles. Among the present generation Directors, S. S. Rajamouli understands the power of title designs and he uses them to his advantage. The titles in ‘Magadheera’, ‘Eega’ and ‘Bahubali: The Conclusion’ are remarkable. They mentally prepare us for the journey ahead.

title designs in S S Rajamouli movies

Sukumar is another brilliant Director who understands the importance of title designs. The titles in ‘1 – Nenokkadine’ and ‘Nannaku Prematho’ sets the tone of the movies. But most other Telugu Directors leave it to the decision of Editors without involving in title and end credits designs.

title designs in Sukumar movies

As Telugu films are moving away from poster culture and relying more on social media, there is a threat of losing title designs completely. If filmmakers want to compete with ever growing world cinema, they should take care of every minor detail about the movies.

As Telugu film industry is growing each year into new avenues, more filmmakers should experiment with titles and end credits as story telling devices. The Directors should take enough care in immersing audience into the story with the help of titles.

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