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Monday, 14 May 2018

Telugu movies about dreams

The dreams have been a plot device for many Hollywood movies. The Hollywood movies like Inception and The Matrix were based on dreams and are able to get into Top lists. The dreams can be a plot device in any Genre like Sci-Fi, Horror, Action, Comedy etc. Telugu movies rarely talk about dreams and their relevance to reality. While several other Indian film industries have been coming up with stories cantered around dreams, we couldn’t actually find any popular Telugu movies based on dreams. The following Two Telugu movies are completely based on dreams.

Telugu movies about dreams, 2012 Telugu movie dream

Dream is a 2012 psychological thriller film, often cited as medical thriller. It is produced by Satish Mynam and Vijaya Mynam under Kaipa Film Production House, and directed by Bhavani Shankar K. The film has Rajendra Prasad in lead role, who played the role of a retired army officer who didn’t get the opportunity to fight in Kargil war. He lives with his wife, spending majority of his time playing war-based video games. He suffers from Hypnagogia, a rare medical disorder, which causes patients to dream when they are awake. Although it appears like nothing more than day dreaming, the protagonist lives in Two situations at once and fails to recognize the reality from them.

idream cinemas

This is undoubtedly one of the most complex Telugu movies ever made. The screenplay is multi-layered with the thoughts, actions and dreams intersecting the story. The mental condition of the patient is well established and we are made to experience it through the screenplay. The movie is taken as a reference for its unique screenplay in Ireland Film School. Apart from it, the movie has also received several international awards. Some scenes may look awkward or slow paced, but it’s the best way to narrate such a story. The low budget has spoiled the quality to some extent, but the movie remains an achievement in Telugu movies for its unique content.

Telugu movies about dreams, Kala varam aaye

Kala varam aaye is a 2017 Telugu film centred around dreams. The movie is directed by debutant Director Sampath V. Kumar. The romantic drama features Raghav, a patient of somniloquy. Raghav is an aspiring film Director who soon after his breakup attends an audition and narrates a story to the Producer. The Producer, impressed by the story, confirms him as the Director in his next film. Raghav narrated the story while he was asleep and he doesn’t remember a word of it. In order to not lose the once in a lifetime opportunity, he sets on a journey to find out his dream with the help of a psychiatrist. The subsequent events make him realize his flaws and help him in self-discovery. The movie is made on a low budget, but the technical standards are good for a debut movie. The story is refreshing for Telugu audience with its unique story.

We need more filmmakers experimenting on such unique concepts to churn out interesting movies. The Telugu cinema is yet to see a high budget feature film based on dreams. But these Two movies mark the much-awaited transformation of Telugu movies.

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