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Friday, 13 July 2018

RX100 movie review: Love, Lust, Betrayal and Revenge

RX100 is a romantic drama film starring Karthikeya and Payal Rajput in lead roles. Rao Ramesh and Ramki played key roles in the movie. The film was produced by Ashok Reddy Gummakonda and directed by debutante Ajay Bhupathi.

RX100 movie review: Love, Lust, Betrayal and Revenge

Shiva (Karthikeya) is a middle-class guy living in a rural village of Godavari. Vishwanatham (Rao Ramesh) is the village head and a politician who is backed by Daddy (Ramki) and Shiva. The daughter of Vishwanatham, Indhu, returns from city and falls for Shiva instantly, which is portrayed as lust at first sight. Although Shiva avoids her initially, she makes the first move and he reciprocates love. The problems arise when they decide to disclose their relationship to Vishwanatham. The rest of the story is about how Shiva handled the consequences.

The film starts with a self-destructive and violent Shiva beating up guys and destroying properties, and after a while starts narrating the flashback. The film should’ve been better if the story starts with the flashback, moving the interval episode ahead which could have created suspense. The village politics doesn’t help the story in anyway. The story keeps changing between tracks of village politics, love, drama etc. one at a time. The film follows hero throughout the runtime and anything that’s not related to him is given low priority. So, there are no conflicts and no twists except the one forming the central theme. The first half is a regular love story with a passable interval episode. But it is interesting to watch as the execution is good. The second half is intense but at the same time gets either boring or disturbing during some scenes. The excessive violence and gore could be disturbing to some audience. The melodrama in the second half is unnecessary and boring. Some scenes were stretched beyond limit to make an impact. Most of these things were done to make audience empathise with protagonist. The climax is totally unexpected and impressive.

The debutante Karthikeya is brilliant in his role. His performance during the emotional scenes leaves an impression. Payal Rajput is surprisingly good. The chemistry between the lead pair worked out very well. Her performance intensifies towards the climax. The senior actor Ramki is good in a key role which is linear throughout the film. Vishwanatham is the most mature character in the film and is convincingly played by Rao Ramesh. His expressions during some scenes breathes life into the character.

The story and central theme of the film is refreshing. The screenplay could’ve been a lot better. The dialogues are good and realistic. The production values are grand. The art design is extremely realistic. The visuals are a treat to watch, the cinematography is an asset to the film. The village was portrayed beautifully on screen. The music is good and songs helped the film to reach target audience. The background music is decent and elevates the film in crucial scenes. The editing is bad and has spoiled the film to some extent. The action choreography is very good. The direction is brilliant and is on par with Ram Gopal Varma. The blocking of scenes and tracking shots are perfect. Many regular scenes are well executed because of director’s efforts. Nevertheless, the excessive camera angles may be annoying for regular audience.

Overall, RX100 is a bold attempt exploring the dark and refreshing subject. RX100 has love, lust, betrayal and revenge. It is a film targeted for youth and the makers are successful in promoting the film to target audience. It is an unconventional love story which may be liked by youth.

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